Price: From - 650

About Project

Description of new buildings

The house is built on a New Boulevard of high quality and environmentally friendly building materials.

The height of the building is 18 floors.

Apartments of the residential complex are transferred to the buyer in a white frame.

Prices and terms of purchase

The price of the apartment depends on the floor and its location (sea view or mountain view).

From 2 to 5 floors: sea view $720, mountain view $600

From 8 to 14 floors: sea view $820, mountain view $720

From 15 to 18 floors: sea view $880, mountain view $770

6-7 floor sold.

Installments up to 3 years with an initial payment of 30 % of the cost


A discount is available for full payment.


The minimum area of 29.3 sq m. if you wish, you can buy an apartment up to 70.5 sq m.There is also an opportunity to combine apartments for a larger area.

Type of repair

The apartments are sold in a white frame and the price includes the following conditions from the developer:

* Landscaped area with outdoor Parking;

On the ground floor of the building, except commercial space will be

there is an open terrace for residents;

* Finished facade;

* Well-maintained entrance, mounted elevators;

* Plastic Windows-doors (with double-glazed Windows);

* Entrance door of the apartment-iron;

* Apartment contour walls;

Balcony, covered Sandstone slab;

* The inner walls of the apartment are built with light pumice blocks 10 cm.;

* Floors with cement screed

Meter mounted and cables, internal wiring, electrical boxes, one electric switch, dome light on the balcony;

* Internal sanitary risers, mounted Central valve and

the outer counter;

* Heating pipeline from the heating boiler to the radiator;

Two gas points with a meter;

* Internet connection to the entrance and cable installed in the apartment;

* Ceiling with plasterboard;

* Ceiling and walls plastered;

* In case of light cut off the diesel generator in the yard, to ensure

continuous operation of elevators, water, pumps and lighting of the entrance;

* At the entrance to the entrance are mounted iron doors, with one electric

key and intercom cable brought to the apartment.

Project Plan