Whatever developers and real estate agencies have to offer, the buyer should personally evaluate the quality of the building, the materials used in the construction, the design, the surrounding area, the location of the apartment or house, infrastructure, the view from their home and much more. For those who are seriously interested in buying real estate in Batumi, we offer real estate tours to make an objective decision. A real estate tour is planned to select best one from the suggested options, also get to know the sightseeing, culture and cuisine of the country or city in which you plan to buy real estate.
If you are interested in buying real estate in Batumi with our offers, then it is time to start planning your trip.
Our company BATUMILS offers:
1. Real estate tour, completely free for 2 persons, including air tickets, Meeting at the airport;
2. Provision of temporary residence;
3. Introduce you the sights of our country;
4. Visit our city which is ready to receive guests at any time of the year;
5. We will taste delicious Georgian cuisine;
6. We’ll meet our experienced lawyers who will assist you in finding your right of residence;
7. We will look objects directly on the place, where we choose the most suitable option for you;
8. If you make a decision, we will settle the deal’s made;
9. Farewelll from airport.

P.S. And all this for free, if you buy real estate. If you want to take part in real estate tour, you must register at least 10 days in advance.