"BATUMILS" was founded in 2012 and today the company takes place one of the leading positions in the Georgian real estate industry. With BATUMILS you can buy real estate only from trusted and experienced developers. The company has a large base which is costumized to any type of taste and price. Our experienced staff will help you in finding the right object and will provide you with all the necessary advice. Also, with the help of our experienced lawyers, you can obtain a residence permission in Georgia, consult with an audit firm that can help you do your business better in Georgia. Our team also offers in-house renovations, transfers and real estate tours throughout Georgia. Hundreds of people with whom we still have business and / or friendly relationship have chosen BATUMILS.
We work only with experienced and trusted companies. We do not sell real estate, but helping you choose the real estate you want without any tax.
We inspect all companies and select only trusted, verified documents, building permitions, completed project portfolios. We will help you with advice and necessary contacts both before and after buying real estate.
BatumiLS - your friend in the real estate market!